The Entry Way



"Italian architect Ettore Sottsass designed a spectacular home for a Belgian gallerist. The house is like a small city, with centrally a huge cage where the owner has his favourite birds. On the side of the birdhouse are the different night-and dayrooms of the family. On the top floor there is a large kitchen and dining room, almost like a restaurant. Although the house is huge and the rooms very spacious, Sottsass created a cosy, bohemian feeling atmosphere."

"I design places to be in and, even if existence is not definable, I know a few recurrent motifs: for instance, to look out of the window, to see the sun going through it or filtered by a veranda, to live in high or low rooms, wide or narrow doors, corners to shelter in without having to look outside, to possess a terrace to grow plants on, to go long or short distances - places that don't tell you what they are or places where you just look.

I try to design them so that the people living in them can be aware of these different moments.

There is something so captivating about this home that Ettore Sottsass designed
for this gallerist. I could stare at this entry way for hours.

Natural light, mingling with fluorescent wall lights, upon the blue stone that cascades as if the room was underwater.