Vincent Fecteau
Bruce Hainely

"The world around us can be experienced as a continually shifting
arrangement of shapes colours, spaces, and textures."

2010, untitled

In the current edition of Frieze Magazine Bruce Hainely (Foul Mouth) interviews Vincent Fecteau about his work. I'd recommend picking up the magazine and reading the full interview. Vincent Fecteau's work has fascinated me for years, and the 2010 works are some of the best I've personally seen. They remind me of elegantly restrained interiors, where the structures and flaws become the best part of the room. The cracks in the plaster tell a story of prior residents. The blackness of the ceiling tiles tells a story of long dinners surrounded by loved ones.

Where front becomes back, top becomes bottom, and the colors drip into oblivion.
Elegant forms leading to black holes and the colors of lost jewels at the bottom of the sea.

more of Vincent Fecteau's work here
via Matthew Marks gallery.