when a table becomes a sculpture, and more.


coffee table, 1992


Super excited to be taking a studio visit with VASA this week, at
his Los Angeles studio! I was introduced to his work through a good friend who has an older VASA work at his home here in Silver Lake. Recently at LAMA Auctions, there was an
older VASA triangle sculpture that radiated with warm pinks and blues. As you walked around the work, the colors melted into each other. A beautiful piece, if only I had a bit more money to bid on it, I would have...

I recently met his studio assistant who invited me over to see his new work,
and see some of his paintings he has been working on.

Gaetano Pesce, "Pieces from a Larger Puzzle" tonight and VASA later in the week, as well as John Baldessari: Pure Beauty later this weekend.

Ah, a good week in L.A. for art!

"All of Vasa's sculpture is made out of cast acrylic plastic, commonly known as Plexiglas. Industrially made cast acrylic has high optical qualities and comes in sheets of different thicknesses. The clear material comes in standard sheets that range from one sixteenth of an inch to four inches thick and the transparent colors come in sheets one eighth to a quarter inch thick. Because of the unusual shades Vasa uses in his works, many colors are custom made for him.

To construct the sculptures, the clear and colored materials are cut into different sized pieces and laminated with polymerized glue. By sandwiching colors between clear plastic or enveloping clear plastic with colors, usually one eighth of an inch thick, works often appear to be made of solid transparent colors in spite of being 90% or more clear. After the materials are laminated they are machined and polished to high precision optical surfaces. "