Ingrid Donat


Tabla Basses Tout Bronze - Polished, 2008

Polished Bronze

Donat learned the art of construction, casting, engraving,
patinating and sculpture in general. During the same year,
she met Diego Giacometti who advised Donat to design her own sculpted furniture.
Other influences were Egon Schiele, Georges Mine, Germaine Richier.
Inspiration for materials and colors come from primitive and tribal arts,
the elegance of Art Deco, and organic forms of Art Nouveau. In 1981,
the sculptor Cesar, who recognized Donat as a talented artist,
encouraged her to follow her own style and identity rather than return to school.
For the past twenty years, Donat has been creating a body of work that she only began
to exhibit publicly in 1998.

Donat engraves the bronzes, painted upholstery and treated wood.

Each piece is cast in limited editions of 8 at Blanchet-Landowski Foundry
under the guidance of the artist. Each piece is initialed by the artist,
has the foundry stamp, and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Ingrid Donat.

Donat currently lives and works outside of Paris.