Summer Love 2009
Livin' Easy 1992

On a recent trip to the Huntington Gardens here in Pasadena, California, I spent a few hours
in the rose garden, enjoying the names of the roses. From Apache Tears, Pillow Fight, Modern Art, and Rosie O' Donnel, there seemed to be a rose named after everything and everyone.


Summer Love and Livin' Easy were
two of my favorites, out
of the 30 that I photographed.
Perhaps, I'll plant
these two in my front yard at some point,
as a reminder to live loose in the summer.


"Rules for naming roses are put in place by the International Cultivar Registration Authority. Though they do not have the force of law, the rules are widely observed: a maximum of 10 syllables and 30 letters or characters per name. This helped stifle the trend toward naming roses after royal personages with a half-dozen ancestral names."

"According to the authors, (Douglas Brenner and Stephen Scanniello titled, "A Rose by Any Name: The Little-Known Lore and Deep-Rooted History of Rose Names.") there are more than 15,000 rose species and cultivars in the world and thousands more, extinct now, that live on in old catalogs. Every one has a name and a story about how that name was acquired."

text taken from here..