The Folding Walls!

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Lately, Ive become fascinated with screens, as
sculpture, as energetic divides into space, and as an element in a room.
Don't want to build a wall, then get a screen!

Function + Beauty + Ability to Fold =
Hells yes!
Just as Anne Truitt built columns, or sculptural voids in the form

of rectangles to the sky, these collection of artists, architects, and designers
are taking the idea of a traditional screen and making it their own.

Are they paintings that fold, or painted sculptures that slink on the floor?
Or possibly mere decoration, ugh I'm not even sure anymore.
Call them what you will, or just unfold one in your colonial living room, or private
white-walled modern gallery, or just simply stare at them on this screen like me.

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, 2008
Wood, stain, cotton

Screen Printed Sand-washed Silk Lacquered Mahogany

silkscreen on wood

"Each piece is made from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), an elegant and pleasantly scented wood that is highly rot-resistance and does not require any additional oils or waxes. Hinoki is the most luxurious wood used in the craft of Tategu."

The Folding Walls!
screens screens
all screen
for more screens.

1. Egon Eiermann: dark green screen. A functionalist, and an architect. 1904 - 1970.
2. Eva Berendes. Her work haunts me on so many levels.
3. India Carpenter. Read my interview with her here, and see more of her work.
4. Scheltens Abbenes, read more here.
5. BCXSY. I first read about these guys at SightUnseen. Take a look at their article here! A cooperative between designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto. BCXSY is a multi-disciplined experience that creates and develops concepts, identities, products, graphics, interiors and atmospheres.