The Alchemy of Things Unknown

"After the cursing comes laughter,
so that the soul is saved from the dead."

- Carl Gustav Jung, The Red Book

The Alchemy of Things Unknown
7556 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046

This exhibition intends to examine and expose individual works of art in relation to theosophy, sacred tradition and devotional practice. From William Blake's illuminated works of divine imagination to Carl Gustav Jung's drawings of collective symbolic unconscious, the visual is undoubtedly an integral creative tool for re

aching, exploring, animating and pervading the indefinable spaces beyond body and mind. The artists in this exhibition, some more explicitly than others, sought after or seek spiritual truths through art making and employ an almost fervent and reverent experimentation to their practice, one that is both ritualistic and against the grain. This mystic behavior is what defines the show; the persistence on new and unorthodox visual experimentation reaches beyond the worldly sphere to heightened states of consciousness.


Kenneth Anger William Blake Aleister Crowley Zach Harris Alfred Jensen Angus MacLise Raha Raissnia Jim Shaw Austin Osman Spare Scoli Acosta Harvey Bialy James Lee Byars Cameron JFC Fuller Susan Hiller Paul Laffoley Marilyn Manson Harry Smith