Emily Hass:
SIDES Berlin

“Sensenburgerallee, 28 section 1”, 2009
former residence of Josef and Anni Albers gouache on paper, 19"x23"

“Kant Strasse, 30 section 1”, 2009
former residence of Else Ury gouache on paper, 19"x23"

"This most recent series of works, "SIDES Berlin", uses the architectural plans and sections of buildings in Berlin, Germany that were lived in by Jews in the 1930s. I began this series with my father's childhood home on Altonaer Strasse where he lived until 1938, when he and his immediate family escaped to London. I was awarded a McCloy Fellowship in Art in support of this project and I returned to Berlin in 2009 to expand the work to include buildings once lived in by other Berlin Jews — among them, the former family homes of Anni and Josef Albers, Mike Nichols, Peter Gay, Else Ury, Walter Benjamin and other relatives and once-Berliners I have discovered through my research.

This Berlin work addresses identity, loss and place. My intention is to contribute to the record of shared experience; to create work that recognizes the loss of property, both as historical fact and as a more universal metaphor for the psychological trauma of displacement."

Emily Hass

“Holzmarktstrasse, 65 detail”,
2010 former residence of Chaim Hass gouache on paper, 19"x23"

Emily Hass was born in Cambridge, MA, and lives and works in New York. In 2011 she will be an artist-in-residence at the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Bethany, CT. She was awarded the 2009 McCloy Fellowship in Art for her series of works that use architectural plans of buildings lived in by Berlin Jews in the 1930s.

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