Mattia Bonnetti

To me, working as a designer has always been a constant struggle. It was a struggle for me as a young designer out of school and it is as difficult today with all the success I have achieved in the field. It is a daily struggle, working around the clock whether in creating, thinking or just being critical about my own work, always trying to improve, to do better.

Mattia Bonnetti (here)

If I tell you that to me, you are a kind of Jacque Ruhlman of our time. Am I completely off?

In some ways it is a great complement, but in others its not. The use of traditional approach in making objects, the high quality of the decorative arts, Ruhlman had that obsession with quality, with refined finishes, with the most expensive and unique materials. Today, we cannot even dream to achieve that level of quality that he had mastered in the 20s.

Although there are craftsmen out there who have the skills, the culture of making objects this way has been lost. I work in the studio, with many techniques of hand craftsmanship, but I am trying to tailor those skills to the world of today. In this respect, I believe, you may compare me to Ruhlman.

Yet, I am not looking into going sixty years backwards.

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Interview by Daniella Ohad Smith ,
Mattia Bonnetti, Bridging the Cleavage between Art and Design

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image via Paul Kasmin Gallery, NY