Nicole Wermers
Herald St. :London, 22nd May - 26th June

This is an older collage of Nicole Wermers' from 2006, "Untitled (golden rings, black sticks on grey)." Her new work is opening next week at Herald Street Gallery in London. I had this image on my fridge for six months. The image became familiar, and slowly worn with sunlight.

How lucky am I? Our paths eventually crossed, and I became reconnected with this collage. If only I was in London this weekend, I could see her new work.... Until then, I await you in the City of Quartz.

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"The smooth metallic surfaces in cube form, for example, evoke Constructivism or Minimalism, the geometrical rigor of objects from this period and their ambivalent way of addressing the viewer, a status somewhere between solitary object, utopian conceptual framework, and space-defining presence.

But these works have no direct affirmative character. Instead, they employ simple appropriation and alienation effects to transform existing things into something that is new in an abstract way, something that allows its origins to run alongside it as a subtext, but which takes an ironic stance towards properties that mark it out as part of a broadly ideological or utopian attempt to synthesize art and life."

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