in the past/ future we can/will live peacefully in space.
(the floor lamps)

Gae Aulenti
Rich, Brilliant, and Willing 2008

“I think we’ll always be in space,”
- Neil Armstrong

1. Gae Aulenti, floor light 1964, poltronova italy, galerie BSL
2. Rich Brilliant Willing, 2008, excel floor lamp. I admit it, this is probably my favorite floor lamp of all time. I've been thinking about it since 2008 when it was released. Perhaps I should just go ahead and pull the trigger....

there are days when my mind drifts,
and today is one of those days.

drift along young astronauts.......

perhaps the light will lead us all home
after the fear of the night has vanished?

enjoy these floors lamps today.....