Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 4

Jason Roskey, furniture designer, Fern NYC

The Catalog of Robert Rauschenberg's 1970 show - Currents

Jason Roskey
writes, "I picked up this catalog of Robert Rauschenberg's 1970 show - Currents: Dayton's Gallery 12, Minneapolis - from Village Books in Tivoli, New York a few years ago. The show consisted primarily of collages and silkscreens of then present-day newspaper clippings. The onslaught of visual information is remarkable, and while this body of work isn't as relevant and well-known as his "combine pieces", it still manages to resonate in the same way."


"To create these works, Rauschenberg first juxtaposed and overlapped imagery appropriated from photographs, scientific diagrams, newspapers, and popular magazines. In two of the series, he unified his collaged designs with scrawled drawing and animated brushwork. The provocative collisions of images and ideas are layered in meaning, reflecting the energetic rhythms and contradictions of the country at a critical point in its history. "


is a Brooklyn-based furniture company crafting heirloom quality furniture from American hardwoods, reclaimed antique timbers and salvaged objects. The company strives to create contemporary yet timeless designs using sustainable practices whenever possible. Fern also provides design services and produces sculptural objects in limited editions.

Fern was founded by Jason Roskey and Maggie Goudsmit in 2009.

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