Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 3

Christopher Farr, Los Angeles
"quietly drawing our attention to what is always in front of us..."

“Grandfather’s Envelopes”
by Fujii Sakuko

Christopher Farr writes, “I love this mans work as it the real "arte povera"... No artifice...just quietly drawing our attention to what is always in front of us but mostly ignored.. What makes this even more delightful is that book is an homage from a granddaughter to her grandfather.”

"Around the age of 80, Kouzaki--who was a master builder and carpenter--retired and started creating envelopes from discarded pieces of paper: he'd rescue paper, resize it, fold it, glue it--sometimes delicately peeling paper of many layers in order to get the thin layer that he desired.

This envelope making became Kouzaki's
raison d'etre in his old age, and after his death in 1997 his granddaughter memorialized her grandfather's artworks in this slim volume of exceptional images..."

(via SRI threads bookstore.)


Christopher Farr has been at the spearhead of contemporary rug design for over twenty years. Together with his business partner Matthew Bourne, they were the catalyst that revolutionised contemporary rug design.

Starting with a small shop in a leafy area of north London, a stone's throw from Primrose Hill, this one time painter, trained at the Slade School, wrought a vision that combined the art of the times with a different form.
From cool minimalism to bold neo-expressionism influenced by the artists Ryman, Albers and Martin, his medium was no longer oil on canvas, but wool and dye, spun and woven by hand into objects that were more than mere floor coverings. They were themselves works of art.

(take a look at Christopher Farr's latest collection of Rugs, "Itten" inspired by
Johannes Itten, the Swiss art teacher/ painter....)