3 stools

Howe London
93 Pimlico Road London

“I studied as a sculptor therefore form and texture are primary. Design must be pure and have great qualities which achieve timelessness. I want my furniture to survive and be appreciated for a long time, like the antiques I also sell. I love research and academic discoveries which tell you more about a piece, but the mood created by the design, scale, colour or condition is what really inspires me.”

Christopher Howe

"Christopher’s career has been a fascinating one; in 1986, having just left Goldsmith’s College of Art, he took on a derelict shop in a small street in Belgravia. It opened with a small loan and stock found in markets and borrowed from friends, relying only on candles for lighting. A year on, after some building work the shop re-opened with a window displaying a Gae Aulenti lamp and a pair of Pierre Paulin white vinyl Tulip Chairs, an innovative style which has remained the essence of Christopher’s approach to antique dealing ever since."

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