Guy Veryzer


Discos don't open till after dark
And it ain't till twelve till the party really starts
And I always had to be home by ten Right before the fun was about to begin
Crowds of people lined up inside and out
Just one reason, to rock the house But in the day time the streets was clear
You couldn't find a good freak anywhere, 'cause

via here...
pure electric.

Freaks are so bad they got their own dance

So if you wanna live a nice quiet life Do yourself a favor,
don't come out at night, 'cause

Guy Veryzer Ceramic Lamps.
(lamps via 2thewalls.)

"I am an archeologist of the imagination... I excavate undiscovered objects in the hidden sites and tombs buried in my unconscious. . These painted objects: plates, bowls and candle vessels, seem to be reminiscent of the ancient civilizations of the Greeks and Minoans, but, as artist Brian Froud mused looking at the collection of work; “Perhaps your civilization preceded the others and they were influenced by your civilization....” It is imagination, after all, where anything is possible."

-Guy Veryzer