Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango


Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango
features contributions from (deep breath):
Gary Ainge, Paul Becker, JC Brouchard, Thomas Chatterton, Ben Clancy, Martin Davies,
Anh Do & Matt Fishbeck, Dickon Edwards, Lora Findlay, Alistair Fitchett, Tim Gane, Chris Heath, Julian Hyde, Rui Kalda, Paul Kelly, Phil King, Ben Knight,
Sybille Lacroix, Lucy McKenzie, Alasdair MacLean, Alan Michael, John Mohan, Kevin Pearce, Scott Portnoy, Brian David Stevens, Marco Thomas and Emily Wardill.

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Felt were a 1980s British alternative rock band, named after the way Tom Verlaine enunciated the word "felt" in the Television song "Venus", and led by Lawrence (his surname, Hayward, was never listed in any record credits or press). Lawrence and drummer Gary Ainge were the only constant members (though Ainge is not featured on Felt's first release, recorded solo by Lawrence before the band formed). Felt are often cited as a major influence by Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, as well as by American alternative rock group The Tyde. The band released ten albums and ten singles in ten years and then disbanded.

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