Chahan Interior Design



original design by Chahan

Born in 1961 in the Lebanon, into an Armenian family, Chahan Minassian arrived in France in 1976. After studying interior design in Paris, he joined the prestigious firm of Ralph Lauren where, for seven years, he was the creative director for Europe. In 1993, he created his own interior design agency, Chahan Interior Design, rapidly attracting commissions in the United States, Canada and Japan, as well as in Europe.

table by Peter Lane...

In 1999, Chahan Interior Design opened at 12 rue de Beaune in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, a discreetly elegant address at which Chahan receives his clientele. In his showroom here, a calm space that he often compares to a casket, his distinctive style can be viewed in an atmosphere of taste and timeless luxury. In 2008, an extension to the showroom was opened, Chahan Gallery at 11 rue de Lille in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Chahan shows here the work of notable American designers, his own furniture editions and a selection of fine decorative objects created by artists he promotes. In addition to this activity as a gallery director, he continues to travel the world attending to an ever growing portfolio of projects.

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