Catherine Willis

of scent
and of color

Catherine Willis
works in progress
Atelier, Paris

Last week, Catherine Willis from Paris

sent me these incredible images of her
new work. I've been staring at them ever since...
I hope in the future, I'll be able to see them in person,
and perhaps have a conversation with Catherine.
We met via Ivan, who has become a dear friend, even though
we are a sea apart.


Is it the circles I'm so transfixed by?
The yellows? the materials?

she told me her friends call this work shamanic,
and I can certainly understand why...
a very strong but silent energy....

3 yellows from plants for this recent expo:

the one from berberis roots,
the one from pomegranate bark,
and the paler one from filipendula.

The scents inside the PERFUME RINGS
and THE BATONS DE PAROLE were gum resins,
cinnamon , laurel leaves, Tonka beans, cedar of Lebanon shavings.

more works in progress!

go to here
site for more info.
thank you catherine!