Early California

2 books
by Dave Hampton

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The Seeger Studio

"The early career of Dick Seeger, influential artist, craftsman and gallerist is re-examined fifty years later. Known for his innovative approach to plastics as an art medium (often for architectural application), Seeger became an important figure in Scottsdale’s mid-century art and architecture community but until now his story has gone untold. 28 pages of vintage photographs and original documents provide a glimpse of his work, his remarkable gallery and his associates, Paolo Soleri and Lloyd Kiva New in particular. A sense of Scottsdale at the time emerges, when young lions of desert modernism like Charles Loloma, Ray Graves, Ben Goo, Kiva and Soleri first walked its streets."

Pouring Metal in the South Bay
Dave Hampton

"During the turbulent era of the 1960s, forces from the world of fine art, the American crafts movement and higher education converged in the San Francisco Bay Area making it the epicenter of an artist-foundry movement that swept the country. At San Jose State a group of graduate students became the first in that area to build their own cooperative studio-foundries from scratch and master the process of casting their own sculpture in bronze and other metals. Pouring molten metal became a direct means of creative expression under the artists’ control. Holt Murray, Daryle Webb, Peter Teneau, Richard Mills, Stephen Daly and Thomas Lynn made everything from jewelry and furniture to giant figurative sculpture and architectural elements over the course of an historic decade. They contributed to a nationwide reinterpretation of art casting and the nature of art and craft in general. Pouring Metal in the South Bay (Art Investigations Volume Two) shares their story for the first time with amazing period photographs and detailed narrative.


ave Hampton:

"Collector, researcher, and artist representative, Hampton is involved in the study of mid-century art, craft and architecture from California and the Southwest - particularly communities of artists in San Diego, Long Beach, the Bay Area, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii. He has launched an Art Investigations Series in order to share stories of influential but relatively obscure artists, their work, and the scenes they created. "

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