"when Monday comes I want nothing
Come Tuesday morning I want the same
The days and nights fly by
Looking to embrace the nothing, of the everyday"

yo la tengo, "everyday...."

Ricky Swallow,
unique bronzes, 2009.
images taken form here.

these two pieces are from a series called, "the days aren't different enough." these unique bronzes, from 2009, have stayed in my recent memory ever since i first saw them in south willard....

this morning, i awoke to a long list of chores in my mind, almost a deja vu from the day before, and the day before... one of those moments, when you ask yourself, "am i making progress, or is today just the same as yesterday?"

i also pulled these pieces because i have spent a lot of time looking at bronzed work, studying the colors, the finishes,etc...

days aren't different enough." i can relate, a little bit too much this morning.