GRAY Gallery

an evening with the

Decorative Arts and Design Council at GRAY Gallery

Gray Gallery hosted an exquisite event last night with LACMA's Decorative Arts and Design Council celebrating the works of two ceramicists, N.Y.'s Peter Lane and L.A. based Antoinette Faragallah. Both artists work in a parallel dialogue in regards to form and structure, though each have their own distinct and fantastic outcomes. Their works are earthy, textural, and when installed into the gallery give the illusion of an underwater surreal-luscious landscape.

Specific sculptures have been transformed into lighting, gracefully illuminating the ceilings and glass cubes, while the spectacular 30 foot-plus, hand-built ceramic wall by Peter Lane gives the room a serious foundation for contemplation. Peter spoke about his own work, how it was constructed on the floor of this studio, and his amazement upon install in Los Angeles for Gray Gallery. Peter also gave a warm "thank you" for those
"with the power to see objects" and the desire to "look beyond and within."

Chahan Minassian, an interior design and gallery owner elaborated on his passion for incorporating the decorative works/objects into his firm's projects, and his utter enthusiasm towards the ceramics of Peter Lane and Antoinette
Faragallah. Antoinette Faragallah'a works have been shown at Le Parcours Arts Décoratifs in Paris and the Pavilion of Art & Design. Oliver Furth, chairman of the Decorative Arts Council hosted this event along with Mallery Roberts Morgan, creative consultant to the gallery. - David John

ceramic works: top: by
Peter Lane, New York based artist
below, Antoinette Faragallah. all photographs by David John

"Vram and Chahan Minassian, cousins and co-founders, bring a lifetime of artistic experience to their collaboration as curators commissioning rare decorative art editions and simultaneously creating an unparalleled vintage and contemporary jewelry collection. Chahan Minassian, internationally renowned Paris-based interior designer, opened the Chahan Gallery at 11 rue de Lille, in the heart of the chic Parisian left bank antiques neighbourhood, in 2008. This space, highlighting his latest ideas, naturally inspired Los Angeles’ GRAY GALLERY.

Current exhibits at GRAY GALLERY include commissioned editions by artists Peter Lane, Nancy Lorenz, Antoinette Faragallah, Juan & Paloma Garrido, Laurent Esquerre and Nathalie Pasqua amongst others. From a monumental ceramic relief wall by Peter Lane to delicate inlay boxes dripping with silver lacquer by Nancy Lorenz the collection is composed of lamps, mirrors, objets d’art as well as furnishings such as a ceramic coffee table or a hand-tooled leather chair with an exotic dragon motif by Helen Amy Murray. " (more here)

all photography by David John