"Engineered entirely to fulfill the dream of desire, these are not equations for your histories. These are not designed out of of your educations. These aren't even close to being good ideas.

Instead the art in this show is open, wide open."

- Sarah Braman @ International Art Objects, LA

1. Sarah Braman @International Art Objects "These Days" March 31 to May 5, 2012 "Wrong has been a wellspring for this woman's art from the beginning. Her structures are without external logic. This isn't to say they are whimsy, or that they can't stand up, it's more that their purpose is perfectly none. They are simply discordant with all things useful including all art that gives a darn about itself, its purpose, or placement.

These objects are a bit without, like a badly raked zen garden or a leaky sensory depravation chamber. Dust bunnies so big you can spray paint a carrot on them." - Rupert Winkelsnap, March 2012

2. Stunning contemporary bronze console table created and made by the craftsmen in the Old Plank Workshop. via Old Plank Workshop, Chicago (photo altered and digitized for optimized viewing)