Nigel Coates

‘I go for architecture that overlays and enhances. By blending observation and wit with reason, I want my work to generate
a sense of the unexpected, and the seemingly spontaneous.’ - Nigel Coates

Nigel Coates at Pavilion of Art and Design London:
October 12th - 16th

"Nigel Coates has designed and built interiors, exhibitions and buildings around the world. His buildings in Japan include the Wall, Noa’s Ark and the Art Silo, and in Britain, the National Centre for Popular Music, Powerhouse::uk and the Geffrye Museum. Throughout his career as a practitioner, he has pursued experimental work that has been shown in an art and design context, including such exhibits as ArkAlbion shown at the Architectural Association in 1984, Ecstacity at the same venue, and Mixtacity at Tate Modern in 2007."

"This year, Cristina Grajales Gallery will be featuring Nigel Coates' Domo Collection, produced in collaboration with famed Italian company Poltronova. This collection of furniture highlights Nigel's continued interest in the mixing of materials, the interaction of the human body with design, and the elaboration of traditional design elements into a contemporary context. The Domo collection is distinguished by its elegant and curving lines emphasized by the capriole leg. Here, Nigel reinterprets this design element, transforming this collection into contemporary sculpture." text taken from here...

Cristina Grajales, Inc 10 Greene Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10013