over and over.

vincent van duysen
vs tredici & co. vs andre sornay

"over and over and over and over and over
the joy of repetition really is in you"
"I'm a complicated being with love songs to beat.
I'm a problem solving baby who could march all night." - hot chip

"under and under and under and under and under
the smell of repetition really is on you
and when i feel this way i really am with you"

3 inspiring works by:
1. vincent van duysen for b & b italia
2. coffee table by tredici & co.
3. andre sornay

"André Sornay (1902-2000) attended the École des beaux-arts (fine art school) in Lyon before taking over the family business following his father's death in 1919. He completely revolutionised the company's production line, moving away from period furniture to create resolutely modern pieces. Influenced by Bauhaus and by the Stijl movement, which were both marked by the desire to synthesize art and architecture, Sornay belonged to a new generation of architects, artists and decorators who wanted to create new forms that were suited to modern life.

The UAM (Union of Modern Artists) counted a number of avant-garde artists among its members, including Pierre Chareau, Francis Jourdain, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, all eager to break away from tradition and to democratise art. André Sornay's creations are characterised by pure geometric lines, harmonious proportions and great practicality.

(text taken from Gallery Marcelpoil Gallery Paris, here)

The materials he used reflect the traditional and the modern; they include precious woods, permatex, rubber, Duco lacquer and metal. The clarity of his vision regarding the use of space prompted him to become an interior designer for a number of his local clients. "

all musical lyrics by the incredible hot chip.
"this is a warning, i'll spell it out for you."