Michael Graves' Residential Projects

"In our residential projects, we explore themes of domesticity and habitation through the organization and articulation of rooms, as well as in the design and selection of interior furnishings. For developers, we have designed single speculative houses, model houses for large-scale national developments, kit homes, and single room kits called Pavilions.

Cincinnati, OH, United States Located on a 3.5-acre lot adjacent to heavily wooded public parkland and overlooking the Little Miami River, the residence is arranged in an L-shaped configuration to engage the surrounding landscape. The massing consists of 10 distinct pavilions carefully arranged within a building area constrained by zoning requirements. The pavilions evolved from different programmatic uses and are formally individualized through distinctive, shapes, colors, and materials

2. CEDAR GABLES HOUSE 1998-1999 Minnetonka, MN, United States Cedar Gables, named for its distinctive three-gabled cedar-shingled roof, was designed for the 1999 “Parade of Homes” show-house tour in the Minneapolis area. Showcasing the breadth of the firm’s work, Cedar Gables epitomizes Graves’ interest in designing “the house and everything in it.” The interiors incorporate light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and fittings, and door and drapery hardware designed by the firm. Furnishings include custom-designed furniture and textiles as well as housewares and decorative accessories from the initial launch of the Michael Graves Design® collection for Target.

3. TARGET CLUB WEDD HOUSE Benbrook, TX, United States Target Stores commissioned MGA to design a single-family house to be given away as first prize in a sweepstakes for couples enrolled in Club Wedd, the store’s bridal registry. At the time, MGA was exploring options for modular construction and pre-fabrication and, since the location of the house was unknown, MGA collaborated with Lindal Cedar Homes on a “kit house” that could be built anywhere in the U.S. The architectural character of the house was derived from the post and beam construction system and was expressed through the timber frame detailing and wood siding, available in a variety of options.

4. HOUSE AT COOLIDGE POINT 1997 Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA, United States This single-family house is located on a bluff along the rocky New England coast, approximately 60 feet from the Atlantic Ocean. In response to both program and site, individual pavilions - a residence, an office, guest quarters, swimming pool, pool house, and garden elements - are given their own identities. The casual nature of the composition in plan is reminiscent of New England compounds developed over time.

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