into the light.
they went.

"into the light.
they went."

a recent color board for: "a room created for the sea"

the daylight is scarce there, though the winds howl at night, like they are conversing with each other. a conversation of sorts between dawn and dusk. a fight for the right shade of green. A few of my favorite rooms & objects, compacted into one. Enjoy the layers separately, or together.

images combined:
vasa's light sculptures (i remember the day i visited his studio here in los angeles, and saw the light being made for the first time. here... I chatted with him, as assistants dusted the blocks into a shine. one called him "the most sensuous and sensational colorist of the southern California artists working in plastic." i could not agree more.

2 interior images by james huniford interiors, and axel vervoordt.
i've looked at these images for awhile now. the electric green monochrome painting has been colorized, adjusted, and compacted for our viewing pleasure. enjoy the square.

off to the sea to taste the salt.