V A S A , studio visit

"the most sensuous and sensational colorist
of the southern California artists working in plastic."

The wonderful world of Vasa! These are some images that
I took the other day at Vasa's Los Angeles studio. Being a huge
fan of light, color, and California 60's work, I was excited to take a tour of his studio, and
discover how these acrylic cubes are constructed.

the cubes in production,
waiting to be packaged and delivered.

"Vasa began including plastic in his work. A painter interested in placing color in open space, he began to use clear plastic as a structural support for different planes of color. Expecting to explore this medium for a few years, Vasa, to his surprise, continues some thirty years later to discover new possibilities. In 1967 he also returned to teaching, joining the faculty at UCLA where he continues to teach. "

the cubes waiting to be polished.

stacks of cubes waiting to be cut, polished, and packaged

"Born in Yugoslavia in 1933, Vasa Mihich, an academically trained painter, became a member of the faculty at the University of Belgrade in 1956. During a visit to Paris that same year, Vasa became aware of the growing importance of American art, and four years later he immigrated to the United States. Influenced by the major changes taking place in art in the United States and especially in Los Angeles, Vasa began working in three-dimensional painted constructions in 1964. This work was first shown in January, 1966 in the Feigen-Palmer Gallery in Los Angeles and that same year was included in the seminal exhibit American Sculptures of the Sixties at the Los Angeles County Art Museum and other museum and university exhibits. 1967 was an important year for Vasa.