Look, I fill this sacred pipe with bark from the red willow;
but, before we smoke, let us see how it is made and what it means;
this eagle's feather represents the throughts of man,
and how they should soar high like the eagles.

- Black Elk

"You never know who you really are,
so any definition I might give you might be wrong.

I'm an architect and a designer but I'm not any guru. I've had a very full life in which I have done things right and thing wrong. I have worked a lot, I have broken hearts and had mine broken. I have done many things wrong, but I have been always faithful to my point of view. That’s all I can say..." (more here from Sottsass interview)

(The Black Elk quote above was pulled from a recent book purchase. "The Hot House Italian New Wave Design, "Nuovo Design" by Andrea Branzi. Thanks Matt:)


images of Sottsass Architecture

1. 1953-Ettore Sottsass, Domus.
2. Jasmine Hill house, Singapore. Sottsass Associati (1996-2000) from here...

and so I search......