When do ideas become so convoluted as to become dangerous?
"Meaning does not attach itself to anything but instinct."
- Roger Hiorns
"the belief that MODERNISM was not one thing, but many things...." Thomas Hines

Perhaps I should not be reading these two texts at the same time?
Both texts given as gifts from those that knew I would appreciate them.

Thank you. Off to read in the sunlight, my friends.


an excerpt from the Roger Hiorns catalog, (one man I would like to take to lunch.)

"What captures your attention? Not just your eye or your ear, but enough of your consciousness that whatever it is becomes permanently recorded on your brain matter? In a contemporary society rampant with rhetoric, how does true meaning ascend above self- interpret and self-promotion?

When do ideas become so convoluted as to become dangerous, misleading parts of humanity and doing irreparable damage?

What needs to be remembered, and conversely forgotten?