“Today, I see my work as detached from the expressionism of the drawing.
This idea grew out of my experience in industrial design which is directed at the broadest possible public. My aim is to achieve an economy in the result which can’t even be defined as minimalist: a commonplace.

- Martin Szekely

This text taken from Six Constructions: An imagined dialogue... here... It's an essay on design and art and definitely worth considering when taking this voyage... Today, I'm sticking with monuments, but these monuments are smaller, and are side tables, as opposed to the cemetery I posted yesterday in Italy. Oh the simple delights of the cube, or the vertical rectangle. It makes no difference to me, they are shimmering, dense, gorgeous forms, that quietly will pull at your pant leg, as you drink a hot cup of tea.

Welcome to the weekend, warriors.


"Design is cannibalistic. It feeds off itself.

In the wide field of visual culture, no single discipline (high or low, traditional or new, functional or purely aesthetic) has retained a sense of autonomy. Visual artists have cannibalized design to such an extent that the very notion of use-value can no longer be used to distinguish an “artistic” project from a “design” project. The post-utopian community and the furniture objects of Atelier Van Lieshout, Jorge Pardo’s house which is also his artistic opus in Los Angeles, and the functioning “Donald Judd bar” built by Tobias Reyberger fo the Munster Skulptur Projekte are all striking. Examples of visual artists blurring the boundaries of the desire of visual art to not only cannibalize its own history but also neighboring disciplines. Just like design.
Is it reactionary or visionary to think about the specificity of a discipline, to ask questions about the status of visual art and object production today? Is it possible to reconsider the fundamental issues that have been eclipsed by this process of blurring of disciplinary boundaries?"

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Martin Szekely, images:

1. Fake side tables, round and square,2007 aluminium, ebony Galerie kreo limited édition
2. Side tables Sam and AA, 2005 honeycomb, corian, brass or cork

via Galerie Kreo....