Aldo Rossi
‘a poet who happens(ed) to be an architect’

"In his writings Rossi criticized the lack of understanding of the city in current architectural practice. He argued that a city must be studied and valued as something constructed over time; of particular interest are urban artifacts that withstand the passage of time. Rossi held that the city remembers its past (our "collective memory"), and that we use that memory through monuments; that is, monuments give structure to the city."

San Cataldo Cemetery by Aldo Rossi

I'm forever looking to monuments. Furniture as monuments. Half-built monuments. Sculpture as monuments. Buildings as Monuments. Monuments to the Dead. The collapse of monuments. Ruins and Fallen Monuments.....The construction of monuments, and what their history and future will explain to us.

"Aldo Rossi's 'City for the Dead' in Modena, Italy, stands as a largely unfinished project in which Rossi explores the thematic elements put forth in his book 'Architecture of the City', primarily the forms of memory and meaning. The project was originally won as a competition in collaboration with Gianni Braghieri in 1972. Construction began in 1978 and to this day stands at roughly fifty percent completion. The site was originally to contain the ossuary cube and a series of rib-like buildings, which terminated in a cone housing the communal graves."
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