the dangers of decorating the "white cube"

the (architect) artist has now left the building.


1 & 2. JSWD Architekten
3 & 4. Jo Baer
5. Unknown Minimalist home.

"In 1975, the year her mid-career retrospective opened at the Whitney Museum, Baer left town and never came back. Instead, she lived in a 12th-century castle in Ireland until 1982, then for a time in London, and has been living in Amsterdam since 1984. Her departure from New York was also when she abandoned abstraction, despite her widely acclaimed reputation as an abstract minimalist. She declared abstract art as being utopian, naïve, and, worst of all, a legitimized style — it had become decoration. No thank you, she said, and changed her approach completely."

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The Cologne studio JSWD Architekten integrated a place to which to retreat, the "Raum der Stille" in the new ThyssenKrupp development in Essen. It is intended for use by guests and the employees of the campus. Creating an homogeneous impression, the walls and floor are made of the same material, namely a smooth plaster in a white hue, which produces a slight marble effect. The interior wall cladding of a cube hovering in the middle of the room provides a contrast.....The room is nonetheless intended to be a place where people congregate and promote dialog between each other.

| Chaix & Morel et Associés

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