Y H B H S (card catalog) selection 38

Will Schofield of A Journey Round My Skull
"I imagined a line of spiders, creeping along...."

Signature : Patterns in Gond Art
Featuring various artists Edited by Bhajju Shyam, Gita Wolf and Jonathan Yamakami

Will Schofield
writes, "I'm fascinated by how many of the "signatures" of the Gond artists are abstractions from nature -- "I imagined a line of spiders, creeping along" or "This is the pattern that a cow makes on the earth with her hooves" -- and how these signatures become little building blocks for larger patterns and images."


"From established artists to emerging talents, Signature features an array of Gond patterns. Gond artists hail from Central India and work with an older tradition of drawing on walls and floors. Yet these artists mark their work as their own with carefully chosen patterns. A valued symbol of memories and stories, the Gond pattern is at once contextual and universal."

Will Schofield
is the author of the most fantastic site, A Journey Round My Skull! Read a fantastic older interview here where he states : "I've always been able to talk to friends about music, but I didn't really connect with people who read the strange books I read until I started blogging. Blogging about book covers made me more aware of graphic design, which slowly morphed into a focus on visual ephemera. In the past year, more than 50 percent of the posts feature material I wouldn't have discovered unless I was blogging." Thanks Will!