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Last nite at the opening of a fantastic group show at SPECIFIC MERCHANDISE on Beverly Boulevard, I saw some new pieces by todosomething, a local furniture designer and workshop. TD(s) is located in downtown Los Angeles, not too far away from where I live.

We were super impressed by the AV cabinets and turntable stations. The one in the show, (similar to the one above) makes me want to find a space in my small house to start playing records again. The pieces are heavy enough so your records don't drop the beat, or skip if your company decided an impromptu dance off....... Genevieve, are you listening:)?

Remember when records and cassettes were objects? When the first song on the second side had an actual meaning! When you would waste hours on your bed or sofa, drooling over the art work, while scouring the liner notes for hidden meanings.....
Well, these pieces take me back to that time, except better.

Go check out this new work! Also some really intriguing sculptures
by Sean Brian Macdonald, made out of found wood and latex. tiny monuments perhaps.

SPECIFIC..... here..
todosometing here.....