when rugs become stories become paintings.

"Then I saw it, just when I felt I couldn’'t take another step,
a place I thought more and more was just a myth."

"Boucherouite refers to a form of rag from rural areas of Morocco created from wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, Lurex, Nylon and plastic. Changes to these materials began in the 1960's and 70's. What is especially unique about them is the wild poetry of their compositions; they are part of and beyond a tradition from no one region. Thus, the rugs are woven in a creative, improvisatory style by the weavers whose choice of colors and textures gives the rugs the feeling of painting. They are a new cultural form created from necessity meeting personal aesthetics.

The world is naturally postmodern, however, the supreme intention of these artists is utilitarian. In a very odd way, these pieces are a liberation from tradition, while at the same time that they uphold it. But there are no rules, and there is no way to look at a rug, and pinpoint exactly where it comes from.

They are Pan-Moroccan.

via calvin morris gallery

"The heat made the sand shimmer in the distance and it only got hotter and hotter so we decided to travel at night to spare the camels and ourselves. I cut myself opening a can of sardines, everyone saw but no one said anything. I had to take care of myself now. The hills of sand turned red then orange, then violet, and finally blue as the white sun fell. We walked until I lost count of my 52 days.

I wore turban and long cotton cloaks of the camel drivers. Then I saw it, just when I felt I couldn’t take another step, a place I thought more and more was just a myth. The mud brick houses clustered around a spot of green that I knew must be the oasis. It was Tombouctou."

- Katherine Bernhardt,
Canada Gallery