when memories deceive.

Curtis Jere 1975
Rachel Whiteread 2001

2. An artificial or deceptive front:

Untitled Monument, 2001

"It's a simple trick, but an effective one, and the associations it conjures â€" heaviness and lightness, earth and heaven, death and life â€" are thought-provoking and manifold [...] Whiteread's Monument, as light and gleaming as the plinth is dark and squat, is the only one of the four commissioned pieces to allude directly to the plinth's defining emptiness.

She sees it not as a space to be filled, but as an absence to be acknowledged, and she does it well."

""This dazzling anti-monument monument looks like a glass coffin, but its watery transparency relates to the large fountain that dominates the Trafalgar plaza. Following the aquatic theme, Whiteread's Monument evokes the scene of the1805 naval battle for which the square is named."

"With Untitled Monument (2001), (also variously known as Plinth or Inverted Plinth), Whiteread became the third artist to provide a sculpture for the empty fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Her sculpture was an 11 ton resin cast of the plinth itself, which stood upsidedown, making a sort of mirror-image of the plinth. It was said to be the largest object ever made out of resin, taking eight attempts to produce due to the resin cracking."

Good Mass = stability.
Curtis Jere lamps appear to be one large mass, though it's only a FACADE.
Rachel Whiteread has the ability to let our memories not crack or fade. Thank you.