and forwards
feels safe to me.

As a kid, I used to count everything. Ceiling tiles, church pews, cracks in the sidewalks on the way to school, back of heads at a concert, or the pencils in my school box. There was a safety and calmness that came when I was caught up in the act of counting.

When my family decided to move to a nearby neighborhood, I became intent on counting everything in my house. I don't think I ever actually recorded the numbers, but I felt a strong desire to remember exactly how many cupboards we had in our kitchen.

Perhaps that is why Evan Holloway's sculptures give me such joy? Holloway's sculpture is on display at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles. as part of the new Selections show.

I think its 35 - 39. The one above is 40 - 50, (image courtesy of Marc Foxx Gallery.) Hundreds of faces, each with their own unique expression, balanced ever so carefully on the steel numbers. Feels like home.