Blue (mountains and molehills)

Make a mountain out
of a molehill

or over-reaction is to make
too much of a minor issue.

Blue (mountains and molehils)

1. Catherine Willis, PAYSAGE DE POCHE/ POCKET LANDSCAPE wood, rubber, terracotta,pebbles.2010
2. Steven Parrino

about parrino's work... via dorothy spears, from the gagosian gallery site.

"FOR years, when the artist Steven Parrino wasn’t jamming power chords on his electric guitar or tinkering with his motorcycle in his garagelike studio in Brooklyn, he was recycling his unsold paintings: twisting them into eccentric new shapes, smashing their stretcher bars or stabbing them repeatedly with scissors."

A retrospective of Steven Parrino’s works, left, surfaced at the Gagosian Gallery in September. Mr. Parrino, right, who recycled his unsold paintings, died from injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident in 2005. His destructive approach to art making earned him the admiration of some fellow artists, but it also concealed a painful reality: There was no market for his work. In eight years and five solo New York shows, his former dealer José Freire said, he sold only two of Mr. Parrino’s paintings, one for $9,000 and the other for $10,000.

Then, on New Year’s Day 2005, Mr. Parrino died from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. Demand for his art has since increased, and in September a Parrino retrospective that had toured European museums surfaced at the Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue. With Gagosian’s high-profile endorsement and a limited number of works for sale — only two paintings and a dozen drawings out of 56 exhibited works — the top price for a Parrino in that show reached nearly $1 million.