"...Well made furniture in solid wood was made for my building in New York and then in small numbers to sell, as it still is. In '84, I designed some chairs, benches, a table and some beds in sheet metal, which were painted one color to a piece. There were also a couple chairs and a table made of copper. This was for myself, but was also the first furniture to begin as furniture to sell..."

Donald Judd, 1993

I am often asked if the furniture is art, since almost ten years ago some artists made art that was also furniture. The furniture is furniture and is only art in that architecture, ceramics, textiles and many things are art. We try to keep the furniture out of art galleries to avoid this confusion, which is far from my thinking. And also to avoid the consequent inflation of the price. I am often told that the furniture is not comfortable, and in that not functional. The source of the question is in the overstuffed bourgeois Victorian furniture, which as I said, never ceased. The furniture is comfortable to me. Rather than making a chair to sleep in or a machine to live it, it is better to make a bed. A straight chair is best for eating or writing. The third position is standing."

donald judd.