Final Decline
Total Collapse

YHBHS is in the process of working on a project with Anthony Gerace,
an amazing illustrator and graphic designer based in Toronto.
His illustrated work, "Final Decline & Total Collapse" is exquisite....
Here's a sneak peak of his work, and I'll be posting more
images, and his essay throughout the month.
Hope you enjoy his work, and his words as much as I do.
Thank you Anthony........

"It began with the end. That is to say, it began with the idea of the end.
Which isn’t to say that it started with an end in mind.
But it came with an end in mind; or rather, with several ends in mind.
The original concept came from a lecture in sustainability discussing the final stages of any given culture; the last two stages, of final decline and total collapse.

Anthony Gerace is a graphic artist based in Toronto, Ontario.
His work centers around the handmade, photographic and typographic.

you can email Anthony at,
kidsignature at gmail dot com