awe- inspiring spaces.

congrats curious eye on
your new space!

taken from the curious eye blog... go here..

"Built in 1906 in East London, it's part of a classic Victorian red brick school.
Originally used as a gym and assembly hall, it has functioned as an artist's studio for the past 40 years. Now I am lucky enough to be the latest occupant."

perhaps these lamps from Joe Meesters
might go well in that new space?
work made out of PULP!

"PULP is a collection of vessels made entirely out of paper pulp using discarded vessels as a mould. The collection started as a research searching for alternative materials made out of paper waste. By combining other materials with pulp such as epoxy and polyurethane ,
a new material is born with it’s own characteristics leading to a series of vessels made out of paper that can hold water."