Mattia Bonetti,
New Work
Paul Kasmin Gallery

"Debris" Lamp, 2010
bronze lamp

Mattia Bonetti

"Since the beginning of his pioneering career in the early 1970s, Bonetti has approached the distinction between contemporary art and design not as a barrier but as a wellspring of creative dialogue. As Carol Vogel writes, "Bonetti's work captures a particularly imaginative moment at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Centuries when historical forms are freshly translated and familiar materials are pushed to new limits. Every design, whether it be a sofa or a simple box, combines a sense of whimsy and glamour with a distinctive intelligence and originality."

"Broken Pearl Necklace" Desk, 2010
gold and chrome plated brass and lavastone

"This exhibition showcases the balance of exuberance and rigor that has become the definitive signature of Bonetti's transformative hand. In it, a gracefully draped pearl necklace becomes a table, a broken vase is reborn as a lamp, and a house of cards is reconfigured into a gleaming chest of drawers. Bonetti juxtaposes traditional bronze, gold leaf, wrought iron, and blown glass techniques with resin, acrylic, and mirrored stainless steel technologies to form expertly crafted objects that are a pleasure to use and behold."

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