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"Here's a sneak peek into what's to come April 1...
This season we bring you Ocean Pacific, a three-color pattern created by two glazes. It starts with aqua — each piece is hand-dipped. Once dry (within moments), the piece is dipped again, this time in zest yellow. In the area where the aqua and zest overlap, another vibrant yellow is created. The resulting pattern resembles the horizon line of the sea on a bright summer day — the inspiration palette for the 2010 Summer Collection."

bowls in the making! two scoops.

"The four hand-dipped pieces in the Summer Collection (vegetable bowl, bulb vase, deep serving bowl and 12x12 platter) are being offered alongside a few new items to our standard line. The entire Seasonal line was designed with the newest glaze addition to our Plaza line in mind - aqua.

We're constantly exploring the intersection of science and art, finding inspiration where the two converge. Each glaze reacts differently when put in contact with another — the possibilities are endless. The two-part glazing process used for the Summer Collection is a technique that's been explored at Heath Ceramics for many years — on both tile and dinnerware .

Once again, we were sparked by historical experimentation and inspired to bring the past into the present. As you may know, our Seasonal Collection is offered twice yearly — once in Spring/Summer (April 1), once in Fall/Winter (October 1). The Seasonal concept gives us a chance to explore new colors, techniques and ideas without altering our standard line. We offer them in limited edition runs, as a way to explore our creativity, and push the limits of our design and manufacturing capabilities. "

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