A project in 6 parts. "objects in/around the home"

John Orth, of Holopaw.

Part 5 and 6 . Pink Flamingo and Cypress Knees
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5. Pink Flamingo

I was certain I never needed a pink flamingo in the yard.
But this particular flamingo with its sun beaten pink paint accented with dripping black enamel and a splinted neck that makes it seem as weary as the joke it has become, made me think otherwise.

6. Cypress Knees

The cypress knees are props left over from a video my boyfriend shot last summer. The action has me and our friend Jeff McMullen, clad in black wetsuits, wandering the tangled woods of Central Florida in search of each other. The shoot had us wading into icy springfed ponds on moonless nights. The roar of cicadas, tree frogs and a 50 amp generator filled the air.
The long drives back into town tested the limits of "too much whisky"
and too many sad Will Oldham songs.

"In a desolate wintery snowscape, there is evidence of an injury, provoking a slow transmutation that passes from the aggressor to the wounded."

This is a video created for John's band, Holopaw. (All in the middle of an especially sweltering Florida summer.) The song is "Curious" from their second album
Quit +/or Fight on Subpop Records.

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