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"where there is smoke....."


"double black wins the bet"

Smokey Robinson Where There's Smoke... 1970

"Although the LP is divided into "Smoke" and "Fire" sides, both sides start out with rhythmic songs and gradually slow down to near-ballad speed, with the sensuous "Cruisin'" the final "Fire" track. In retrospect, the album may be uneven and a touch too disco-ish in places, but in 1979-1980, Where's There's Smoke... brought Smokey Robinson back into the limelight"

"Trying to stop an object falling by re-suspending it, an arrested trajectory.

Resurrecting it, by which I mean giving something has met its end in a violent way a new existence. The demise of object might have been my doing, or it might have happened by chance (like the cliff fall). There are processes and frictions out in the world naturally already, then there are man-made frictions of guns, explosions and guillotines.

My work is somehow very quiet and not really violent at all - it's calm, like the eye of the storm. "

- Cornelia Parker...

1. Maarten Baas
2. Cornelia Parker
3. Jackie Winsor. Burnt Piece. 1977-78, c/o MOMA
4. William J O'Brien, c/o Marianne Boesky, New York
5. Leonardo Drew,
6.. Aaron Spangler, wood