Good Kitchen Art! Cocktail Party...

Hosting an Art/ Cocktail / Dance Party. Pt 1.
House Party. (Inspired by Betty Freeman's home)

step 1. Purchase Dan Flavin neon sculpture. (go here),
or( here for less...), or (here)
step 2. Find a good corner with a plug close by.
(Extension cords across a dance floor are a pain, and dangerous!)
step 3. Plug it in, feel the glow. (read more about glow here)
(Note: Close mini blinds, to intensify the art.)
step 4. Pour killer cocktails.
step 5. Listen to Linger and Quiet's new mix. (Invite people like this guy, here.)
step 6. Dance your face off (deep bass and neon are a good mix.)
step 7. Create chill out room, with good art. i.e., roy lichtenstein.
(buy here....) Note: matching pillows to art intensifies art!
step 8. Call Lindsay, and tell her to bring these..
step 9. Let the party spill out into a driveway/lawn, like this one... (aka the brick

Note to self: Call Olafur and begin locating this (here, here, and here...) for the next party. Summer 2010.

the kitchen."

this is my new favorite photograph.
is that a real dan flavin?
how large is that lighting fixture about the kitchen table?
how tall is that plant?
when can i come over for coffee?
i need neighbors like this.

now look closely...
very closely....

is that this (here) , or this (here ) in that backroom?
thoughts? a doug wheeler next
to a baby grand, f@ck!

Betty Freeman's home.
via here

"She wrote books about the American artists Clyfford Still and Sam Francis. She was also an art collector. She lived in Beverly Hills, California and died in Los Angeles, California on January 4, 2009, at the age of 87."

(this post is inspired by the new david zwirner