1981. The Bedroom, ropes and lightbulbs.

Portrait of a Bed, Pt 10.
Memphis Design Group, 1981

"The Tawaraya Boxing Ring/Bed"

What's your guess? the kid's room, or parent's bed?
the Memphis Group, and Calder above. Awesome!
Memphis Posters on the wall.

"The Tawaraya boxing ring bed was the work of the Memphis group
(a Milan-based handful of extraordinary creative minds in furniture and product design)
– that you can actually see in a photo from 1981,
in the original ring bed.
A monochrome striped base with multicolored “ropes”
and light bulbs at each of the four corners of the ring,
the bed was the handy work of Masanori Umeda,
a Japanese architect collaborating with Memphis at the time.

It was an absolute declaration of love for the color, the use of color in design/architecture. "

text via here.

a photo of the rest of the home. amazing.
if you look close, you can see the bed in the background.
the lamps above the doorway into the bedroom are
some of my favorite lamps by the memphis group.

this home appears to be in Memphis, Tennessee too.
What are the odds?
(I grew up in Memphis, Tennesse, I wonder where this home is?)


image taken from flicker page here.
thank you memphis milano...

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