Syd Barrett

"Perhaps it was the drugs. Barrett's intake at the time was suitably fearsome, while many considered his metabalism for such chemicals to be a trifle fragile. Certainly they only tended towards a further tipping of the psyche-scales, but it would be far too easy to write Barrett off as some hapless acid amputee - even though certain folks now claim that a two-month sojourn in Richmond with a couple suitably named "Mad Sue" and "Mad Jock" had him drinking a cup of tea each morning which was unknown to Syd, spiked with a heavy dosage of acid.

Such activity can, of course, lead to a certain degree of breain-damage, but I fear one has to stride manfully blindfolded into a rather more Freudian landscape, leading us to the opinion of many of the people I talked to who claimed that Syd's dilemma stretched back to certain childhood traumas.

The youngest of a family of eight, heavily affected by the sudden death of his father when Syd was twelve years old, spoilt by a strong-willed omther who may or may not have imposed a strange distinction between the dictates of fantasy and reality - each connection forms a patch-work quilt like set-up of insinuations and potential cause-and-effect mechanisms.

"Everyone is supposed to have fun when they're young - I don't know why, but I never did" - Barrett talking in an interview to *Rolling Stone*, Autumn 1971"

taken from here.