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The Rock-a-fireExplosion...

(Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, my birthdays were either at Showbiz Pizza Place, or Putt-Putt. This band kicked ass! Wow, watching this promo for this documentary, these memories come racing back. Greasy pizza, skee ball, and cheap plastic prizes that never failed to excite. I remember eating pizza here, watching and grooving out to the band.)

"Showbiz Pizza Place was a restaurant chain popular in the 1980s. Its history is greatly intertwined with that of its main competitor, and eventual successor, Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre. Both companies found early success, owing partially to the rise in popularity of arcade games at the time. The basic concept was to offer pizza, a large selection of arcade games, and an animatronic stage show as a complete package of food and entertainment. The largest difference between the two, and easiest way to distinguish the two chains, was the different robotics and the mascots that each concept used. The mascot for Showbiz was Billy Bob, an overall-clad hillbilly bear. "

(inspired by the moment)