Eva Rothschild

"Eva Rothschild’s striking and memorable sculptures continually investigate and forge new relationships between volume and mass, surface and structure. She uses a wide variety of materials, such as leather and steel, which are often incongruously juxtaposed to create deceptively simple works that lightly yet effectively occupy space. Rothschild’s strong interest in geometric and elemental forms is combined with a fascination in the spiritual and ritualistic qualities of objects.

Rothschild has conceived an ambitious new sculpture that will directly respond to the Duveen Galleries. It will contain some of the essential characteristics of her practice but will also represent an exciting new direction in her work. Using minimal materiality, the work will fill and disrupt the grandeur of these neo-classical galleries with a chaotic, energetic presence. It will activate the gallery, countering and complimenting the solidity of the building and compelling visitors to physically and optically re-engage with this familiar space. This will be the first time a single work has been designed to stretch nearly the full length of the space, occupying over 70 metres from one end of the Duveens to the other."

taken from here.